Benefits of Animal and Plant Protein

Animal food contains a high proportion of protein, so it is easy to get too much. They also contain more of the sulphur-containing amino acids, which leach calcium out of the bones and contribute to osteoporosis.
Animal proteins can transmit animal diseases, and they come with the cholesterol and saturated fat that are associated with degenerative disease. Animal proteins also take longer to digest than plant proteins.

Plant protein in their natural state come combined with carbohydrate and fibre, so it is less easy to eat too much. They come with health-promoting phytochemicals, too. Plant protein is not just as s good as animal protein, it is better.

Now ,It is up to you to choose between the two.
Shall we choose plant or animal protein?

Animal protein:

1. Concentrated , no fibre, danger of eating too much.
2. Comes with cholesterol and saturated fat.
3. High in sulphur-rich amino acids that leach calcium from bones.
4. More vitamins and minerals needed to metabolise it.
5. Slower digestion, higher acid needed.
6. No phytochemicals.
7. Associated with degenerative diseases and animal borne diseases.

Plant protein:

1. Combined with starch and fibre,more filling,less danger of excess.
2. No cholesterol and mainly unsaturated fats.
3. Low sulphur-bones safe.
4. Brings more vitamins and minerals.
5. Easier digestion, less acid needed.
6. Phytochemicals that fight ageing and disease.
7. Associated with health-plants do not transmit their diseases to humans.

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