Don’t do drugs please – Kennedy Agyapong advises Medikal

Member of parliament (MP) for Assin Central, honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has sent a word of caution and advice to artistes in the industry and a special one to AMG’s talented wonderkid, Medikal in an exclusive interview on Oman FM.

The maverick MP adviced medikal to do more of investments as he cashes out monies in the music industry than rather doing drugs and other unnecessary things.

Medikal was the first to thank the member of parliament for his support to the music industry as he celebrated his mother’s birthday. Medikal said; “Firstly I want to thank honourable for his support to the industry and celebrate him today. He saying he loves my music is an honour to me. God bless him and his good works and may he never lack, Amen! Today happens to be my mum’s birthday too so happy birthday mommy.”

The Mp then adviced Medikal saying; Once we have met let me advice you. Most of you musicians like taking wee and drugs too much.

They claim it makes them high. Its a lie, don’t practice that because it won’t take you anywhere. It will reap off your monies. You will always want to take them into your body and it takes your hard earned money away slowly. What I give you today is savings. Save more.

You guys offlate don’t produce better songs so you fade early unfortunately. Let savings and investment be your number one goal.

You are in music and don’t have so much time so focus on real estates. If you become outdated in the music industry after some time, you can fall on your real estate.”

Medikal expressed his gratitude to the maverick Member of parliament and promised to do same accordingly.

Hope Kennedy’s advice will be of importance to fellow readers too. Real estate is the real deal. Save enough and venture into it. People will gather and debate about your riches too one day.


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