Otto Pfister: The History Behind The Man Who Brought The “Otto Pfister Dressing”

In Ghana, Otto Pfister’s fame transcended football. His unconventional style of wearing his trousers on the hip, rather than his waist probably due to having less of gluteal muscles (buttocks) became a fashion trend among the youth .

According to Wikipedia, “Otto Martin Pfister (born 24 November 1937) is a German football manager and one of Germany’s most successful coaching exports, voted Africa’s Manager of the Year in 1992. He is formerly the manager of the Afghanistan national team

During Pfister’s time with Ghana, he was observed numerous times not wearing a belt, and thus consequently, he wore his trousers very low. This gave rise to the term “Otto Pfister” within Ghanaian popular slang culture. “Otto Pfister” in this regard has come to mean someone sagging their trousers.”

“Pfister led Ghana to a famous win in the 1991 FIFA U-17 World Championship. The Championship was held in the cities of Florence, Montecatini Terme, Viareggio, Massa, Carrara, and Livorno in Italy between 16 August and 31 August 1991.”

Images below show his usual style of dressing .

The next time you may want to sag your dress, know this is the history behind it and it stemmed from one man’s unconventional dressing.

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