Sam George blows alarm on pro-LGBTQ cartoon series for Ghanaian kids

Lead sponsor of the anti-gay bill in Parliament, Sam Nartey George, has established that imposing the stiffest of punishment on the promotion of pro-LGBTQI+ is meant to protect children.

According to him, there is the need for children and unborn generations to have a culturally sound and decent upbringing.

His comment comes in the wake of revelations that the protagonist in an upcoming Superman cartoon series is bisexual.

In the next comic issue due for release in November, Jon will be pictured in a same-sex relationship with his friend Jay Nakamura.

“DC Comics made the announcement on National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBT awareness day started in the US,” a report by CNN revealed.

But analyzing all these, Sam George who seemed infuriated by the development took to social media and wrote;

“For those asking why we are imposing the stiffest punishment on the promotion, advocacy, support, and publication of pro-LGBTQQIAAP+ material in our Bill, below is a typical example of the reasons why. We owe it to our kids and unborn generations to protect their upbringing in a manner that is culturally sound and decent. We cannot fail our children,” he stated.

Scores of social media users have since criticized DC Comics for seeking to indoctrinate children with the casting of LGBTQI+ characters.


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