Why is too much Fat bad?

Fats are a vital part of all living cells, and are essential for maintaining health, However, most people in the rich countries or the West, eat much more fat than they need, and the same is true of those who can afford to in the poorer countries of the world.

All this fat overloads their system and causes many serious health problems.
The World Health Organisation warns that we now have a global epidemic of obesity- and of all the diseases that go with it.

Now, this is why too much fat is bad for your health

1. Too much fat in the diet thickens the blood, which slows down the circulation, makes the blood clot more easily and tends to raise the blood pressure.

2. Too much fat makes the red blood cells stick together in clumps. This stops them from carrying their full quota of oxygen, and, worse still, stops them from getting into the smallest capillaries. This leaves tissue cells short of oxygen and nutrients, and exposes them to injury,diseases and even death.

3. Too much fat in the long term builds up fatty deposit in arteries, setting the scene for heart attacks, strokes and life threatening damage to other organs.

4. Too much fat makes you fat. Fat that is not immediately needed is stored in the fat-storage tissues for future use. Weight builds up when more fat is stored than can be easily used leading to obesity and its life-shortening problems.

5. High-fat diets also interfere with body’s insulin mechanism, increasing the risk of diabetes, and they damage the immune system, reducing the ability to resist cancer and other diseases.

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